Lisa Fox, Gallery Owner/Artist                      

Amy Smith, Gallery Director


“Leiper’s Creek Gallery is the very DNA of the entire Leiper’s Fork movement.”


-Aubrey PrestonEntrepreneur/Community Leader of Leiper’s Fork


Leiper’s Creek Gallery is unexpected, in the most inspiring way.


From its 2001 beginning, Leiper’s Creek Gallery veered left at the Fork, charting a unique path to distinguish its place in the world of successful, fine art galleries. Staking claim to a former gas station in the unincorporated village of Leiper’s Fork, with a miniscule population of 650, in rural middle Tennessee, is not exactly the recipe for fine art fame. It is neither a world-renown cultural center, nor is it highfalutin.


Leiper’s Creek Gallery and Leiper’s Fork do, however, have the “it” factor for success – authenticity. It is the authenticity that makes Leiper’s Creek Gallery a beacon for seekers of the real, the genuine, the bona fide, the true.

From day one, it is proprietor Lisa Fox, an art star also possessing the “it” factor, who has set the high standard of beauty and aesthetic at the gallery. Lisa’s creativity and artful eye are the heartbeat of the place, that and her welcoming spirit. Painstakingly choosing each artist to join the gallery’s stable, Lisa looks first for originality, artistry, passion and the extraordinary in the art. From there, she seeks to create balance among the creators represented, offering a range of works from multidisciplinary contemporary works, abstract expressionism, sculpture and contemplative, impressionistic landscapes created out of the school of John Singer Sargent. Moreover, Leiper’s Creek Gallery has become a destination to paint en plein air, drawing painters from all over the United States to this scenic village in Middle Tennessee.


Among the celebrated at Leiper’s Creek Gallery are four Master Artists – Roger Dale Brown, Dawn Whitelaw, Anne Blair Brown, and Marc Hanson. Of the 23 artists exhibited, 17 are local. Each one featured is already established either nationally and internationally and has a distinctive style with brilliant technical abilities. All are award-winning. Exceptional art is important, but equally important to gallery owner Lisa Fox is that each featured artist is a person who pursues the highest and best not only in their art, but also in their life.


If her passion and eye for the art is the heartbeat of Leiper’s Creek Gallery, it is Lisa’s unwavering hospitality that is the spirit of the place. She welcomes all like family and often ends a sale with a hug rather than a handshake.

Early in the evolution of the business, Lisa made a decision to create ambience beyond the art in this former gas station turned art gallery. She invited Robin Rains, of Robin Rains Interior Design, to bring in her fine furnishings to stage and sell along with the art. The modern contemporary and antique mix worked perfectly with the eclectic collection of art. This created a setting to relax, decompress and experience a true sense of place. The furniture provides a perspective of how the artwork might look in a private home. And staying a while gives the visitor time to enjoy the aesthetic of the historic building, including the alluring fireplace and 15-foot ceilings.


Lisa Fox says, “Bring your kids, bring your dog.” And she means it.


Don’t worry, no dogs, or kids for that matter, have ever run amuck. Somehow, when people, all people, walk through the doors of Leiper’s Creek Gallery, a warm, sincere feeling of welcome takes hold. It’s like they’ve walked into a favorite aunt’s place, where no matter how busy she is, or how pristine her home appears, no matter how expensive the furniture or how precious her art and collectibles, you are always made to feel at home.


Welcome to Leiper’s Creek Gallery.




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