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Nashville Ledger Interviews Anne Blair Brown

The Nashville Ledger just published their interview with Anne Blair Brown and her journey from to becoming a full-time artist. Here's a little snippet: After trying various jobs, including catering, she made the move to career artist, an impressionist with…

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Anne Blair Brown • Two new pieces

NEW ARTWORK: "Together" • 20x24 ($4200) and "Serves You Right" • 12x12 ($1400). To see more work by Anne Blair Brown visit her artist page. [button linking="default" link="" align="left" size="small" type="simple" title="Visit Anne's Artist Page"]

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Nashville Arts features Roger Dale Brown

Roger Dale Brown's story and artwork is featured in this month's Nashville Arts Magazine Artist Profile. Learn more about Roger and his artwork publication – check it out! Cerebral French films are full of them: The “what if” moments of…

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Artful Day Trip = Leiper’s Fork

Enjoy this short two-page article from Nashville Arts Magazine which features Leiper's Fork as an "Artful Day Trip". Leiper's Fork - it's Nashville's #1 art destination! Leiper’s Fork may be considered an Artful Day Trip, but the experience cannot be…

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Plein Air Magazine features Dawn Whitelaw

This month's issue of Plein Air Magazine features Dawn Whitelaw in an article titled "The Benefits of Painting Varied Subjects in Nature". Check it out! About 25 years ago, this Tennessee artist asked how to become a better portrait painter and…

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