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“Fine art finds warm, welcoming home in Leiper’s Fork” – Article in the Tennessean


Read this wonderful article from July 2021 about Leiper’s Creek Gallery! Our thanks to Melonee for such a beautiful article!

Take a stroll along Main Street in the hip village of Leiper’s Fork just outside of Franklin, and juxtaposed against the burger joint, the home cookin’ breakfast place and surrounding bucolic scenery is something rather unexpected: a fine art gallery.

However, the Leiper’s Creek Gallery doesn’t stand out among its neighbors, and that’s by design.

Just like the vibe of the rest of Leiper’s Fork, on a nice day the gallery doors are probably propped open. Bandana-clad gallery rescue dog Abby ambles out to greet folks, and the proprietor, artist Lisa Fox, can be found sipping a cup of coffee on the front porch swing at the gallery’s entrance, greeting customers with a hearty, “Y’all c’mon in!” On a cool day, the firepit out front provides a warm glow and a gathering spot.

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