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Michael Allison and the Watermarks Public Art Installations Update

This is Michael Allison at the location of his public outdoor piece for the Metro Arts Watermarks project. The Nashville Metro Art Commission expects their project to be completed this spring (2013).

Michael describes his work, featured below, with the following:

“…I took into consideration the overall composition of the building, where the windows are placed, etc. I want to create a piece that exists in balance with the building’s architecture, so that one doesn’t overpower the other.”

Materials: blue glass, LED lighting, galvanized metal
Materials: blue glass, LED lighting, galvanized metal

“The drops represent the flood waters, but also the tears of the individuals in the Antioch community. When I participated in the community meeting, I was so struck by the stories of the community’s strength and perseverance after the flood in Antioch. These individual drops are all held together by a strong galvanized metal to represent this bond that held the community together in the aftermath of such tragedy.”

For more information on the Watermarks project, visit: Designs Chosen for Watermarks Public Art Installations and Metro Arts announces “Watermarks”; Public art to commemorate 2010 floods.

Leiper’s Creek proudly represents two of the six chosen artists, Buddy Jackson and Michael Allison.

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