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Nashville Arts features Roger Dale Brown

Roger Dale Brown’s story and artwork is featured in this month’s Nashville Arts Magazine Artist Profile. Learn more about Roger and his artwork publication – check it out!

Cerebral French films are full of them: The “what if” moments of life. “What if you had not worn that blue dress that day?” such a film might ask in all seriousness. Such films are made because these moments happen.

Franklin, Tennessee, painter Roger Dale Brown — who says, “It never entered my mind to be an artist for twelve years after high school”— was faced with just such a moment years ago. He had been assisting a muralist, a job that provided him with a weak toehold onto the outermost edge of the art world. He had yet to paint his own mural. But that didn’t matter when one day he attended a meeting with some designers who wanted a mural painted and the main muralist didn’t show up.

by Karen Parr-Moody

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