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The Quantum Art of Michael Madzo

Michael Madzo is this month’s featured “Artist Profile” in Nashville Arts Magazine. You can check out his work and learn more about Michael in the article.

If there is one core truth set down in what I believe to be the most important book about art of modern times, André Malraux’s The Voices of Silence, it is that present art is always a response to past art; that art past, present, and future conduct an endless dialogue. What Picasso learned from the Altamira cave artists will one day inform artists who haven’t been born yet, artists who, in turn, will help their own contemporaries understand Picasso and Altamira. With this concept and its implications understood, the artist/magician, not unlike the quantum physicist, stands time on its ear, makes the arrow of time !y backward or forward, or freeze-frames images for as long as the artist’s own work survives…

by Marshall Falwell, Jr.

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