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Nashville Arts features Anne Blair Brown

Nashville Arts is featuring the work of Anne Blair Brown in this month’s issue (April). If you are unable to get a physical copy, check out the article “Sunny with a Chance of Rain” below!

Celebrated for her soft, impressionistic brush, Anne Blair Brown’s canvases are anything but timid. They are vivid explorations of active spaces and life in motion, cafés, restaurants, bustling marketplaces. They are images that o”er us the irresistible beauty of everyday life. One can immediately sense the time of day, the closeness of objects, and the immediacy of the artist’s impression through her brilliant use of color. She baptizes her subjects in light—diffsed, direct, and piercing. A conversation with Brown quickly reveals the secrets of her painting style. Like her art, she is accessible, immediate, and always in the moment.

article written by Colleen Creamer

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